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Instagram Gamble?

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Women that oppose feminism because they feel they personally have all the rights and respect they need are so incredibly selfish and ignorant to the plight of women not only in their own country, but across the developing world.

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Andy Warhol


Andy Warhol

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Super Absorbent


Super Absorbent

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what the fuck is happening over in America?

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Shameless cast’s reaction to Jimmy/ Steve/ Jack being alive

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the sound of high heels on the pavement as you walk is the ultimate power trip, like you could be buying milk or on your way to assassinate someone

or you could be crippling yourself to uphold a patriarchal…

Make-up artist Dick Smith assists Linda Blair in applying the demonic contact lenses. As Blair’s eyes were sensitive to the contacts, numbing drops were required to help relieve her discomfort.

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a story about tumblr’s collective ability to fact check